Thursday, August 12, 2010

Brush Hauling at Upper Crosby Lake

We recently reported on an exciting new shoreline restoration project beginning at Crosby Park's Upper Lake in St. Paul. On Thursday, August 5th, about 30 FMR volunteers gathered at the park to help out with the first phase of this restoration, invasive species removal.

Invasive and non-native buckthorn had formed a thicket along the shoreline and was choking out all the native trees, shrubs, and plants. Saint Paul Parks crews had cut this brush prior to the event, and our volunteers spent the evening hauling it out of the woods and stacking it so that SPP staff could then pick it up and take it away to be chipped.

After a lot of sweat, mosquito bites, and stinging nettle, we had hauled enough brush out of the woods that some beautiful views of the lake and shoreline were opened up. While this is nice for those of us who hike in the area, it also means that native species will have the opportunity to thrive in these cleared areas.

The piles of brush start to form!

Smiling, energized volunteers - it will take more than nettle to stop them!

Cup plant, one of the wonderful native species that will now have more room and resources to grow.

One of the largest buckthorn "shrubs" removed - this one was definitely more of a tree!

After removing the buckthorn brush, a group of volunteers uncovered this natural playground, including a perfect Tarzan vine...

... and a jump rope vine!

We are so exited to have begun this project, and to see how the shoreline is transformed and habitat improved at this important riverside park. Huge thanks to all the volunteers who helped out, and to St. Paul Parks & Recreation!

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MJ said...

Looks like your volunteers were having a great time along with accomplishing so much to improve the area.