Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

The sun is shining, all sorts of lovely little spring woodland flowers are popping up in the river gorge, and it is finally starting to really feel like spring! What a perfect day to get outside and do something for the environment. Pick up trash along the river or in your own neighborhood, plant a native plant, start composting, or make a resolution to produce less waste or buy more local produce. There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day - just do something!

Thank you to the almost 250 volunteers who celebrated Earth Day early this year by joining us this past Saturday, April 18th at the annual Minneapolis Earth Day Clean Up! Check out this video, taken at the event.

A special big thank you to Peace Coffee, Parkway Pizza, and Ranger Dave Wiggins from the National Park Service for making the day extra fun!


MJ said...

Wow, what a great post Karen. It's so interesting being able to see people actually in action and helping FMR with all their projects. Keep up the great work and keep posting these film clips, they're great.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. its an amazing blog..
nice to read bout the river..

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