Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Prairie at Crosby Park!

There's a new prairie in town! Crosby Park in St. Paul now boasts a beautiful new interpretive prairie, thanks to the hard work of many volunteers last Saturday, May 31st.

These hard-working folks planted, watered, and mulched almost 1000 native prairie plants as part of a restoration project in partnership with St. Paul Parks & Recreation, funded by Capitol Region Watershed District.
This semi-formal section of the prairie planting will hopefully provide visitors with an opportunity for education about prairies and native Minnesota plants. To that end, name markers bearing the name of the species were placed by several plants, and new signage about this project and the importance of Minnesota's prairies is in the works.

The group was such a bunch of rock stars that we finished early with the planting, mulching, and watering, but many volunteers stuck around to remove invasive weeds (like giant ragweed and Canada thistle) from the adjacent area.

Volunteers will be needed throughout the season to help care for this new planting by weeding and other tasks, and to help prepare the rest of the site to be seeded in the fall. If you are interested in helping out with this project, contact sue through our contact form or at 651-222-2193 x14.

Photos courtesy of professional photographer Rikk Flohr, www.fleetingglimpse.com. For more photos from this event, click on this link.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great turnout and fantastic results. It's really amazing to see how many people really are interested in the environment. It's great to see all the different plants and flowers that are actually uncovered now thanks to all their efforts.