Monday, April 14, 2008

Top 10 Reasons To Come To The Earth Day Cleanup

I'm sure none of you need more of a reason to participate in the city-wide clean-up than celebrating Earth Day or caring for our community gem, the river gorge, but in case you did need a little extra incentive, here you go:
  1. The forecast for Saturday is 65 and sunny! It's actually starting to feel like spring, and this is a great way to get out there and enjoy it!
  2. A delicious caffeinated kick start will be provided for the early birds by the good folks at Peace Coffee!
  3. You can join artists from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in making a miniature painting to honor the Earth! Images of plants and animals from the museum will be on hand for inspiration. Add a wish for the future, along with a postcard stamp to share it with your friends and family afar.
  4. Those who stick it out until noon will get to chow on delicious Parkway Pizza!
  5. Volunteers from the Minneapolis Rowing Club will be helping us out again this year, so you won't even have to haul your trash bags up the hill - they'll pick them up from you right at the bank of the river.
  6. No pre-registration required! You just have to show up!
  7. April 19th is the birthday of two FMR employees, and their birthday wish is for a clean river!
  8. The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board will have a free surprise for each participant. I don't even know what it will be - that's how much of a surprise it is!
  9. Everybody is doing it! This year's cleanup has a whopping 36 sites - that's more than ever before!
  10. Did I mention that it's an Earth Day celebration??
Let's give this gorge a good spring cleaning!

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